Wednesday, 13 July 2011

App Nana - Get a $5 Amazon gift voucher for free! The App Review #1

As part of my latest online money making schemes I stubbled upon App Nana for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. It is a very good app in the sense that it is actually possible to get the $5 gift card and relatively quickly for free. 

How you do it
First you download the app from the App Store. 
Open the App and go to the rewards section.
You get 200 nanas (points) everyday just for opening the app. 
Open get more nanas. 
Choose the free apps to download. To get the nana points associated with the app just open it (even just for a few seconds) and close it again. 
Then open App nana and change whatever page it opens on to a different page and it will instantly tell you that you've received the nanas (points). 
Once you have 90,000 nanas you can redeem your gift card which is emailed to you within one day. 

My Experience
I really like this app because it works and is hassle free. There are enough free apps there so that you can at least get 90,000 nanas. Paid apps offer more nanas. I also liked it because you don't actually have to use the apps or sign up to anything. 

It took me about two days in total to download the necessary amount of apps to get the points, which is not bad seeing as most of that time was just the iTouch downloading and installing the apps. 

Better still is that the same actions can be repeated again on the iPad meaning that I will soon get a second $5 Amazon gift voucher. I didn't pay a single cent and this was really easy to do. 

Nana points for downloading and running apps generally range between 1200 - 5000 each. 

5/5 - because it does exactly what you expect it to, pay out!

I hope you found this  review helpful and if the feedback is good I may continue this series of blogs.

….… Mt. Hanrahan. 

The amount of nanas paid for apps seem to change over time.
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